Air Freight Solutions

We provide competitive cargo solutions with direct, transshipment and sea-air options - everything you expect from a global airfreight forwarder. This means you can make the most cost-efficient and effective commercial decisions from the broad menu of freights services we offer.

We understand that air freight may not be the preferred mode of transport when costs are a powerful factor, but with our extensive shipping knowledge we are able to provide you with the most complete information available to deliver cost saving opportunities in a professional manner.
The process is simple - we arrange collection of your cargo at origin, either directly from your factory or production site. Alternatively your supplier can deliver to our agent's receiving warehouse. All export documentation is prepared, ensuring packing lists, commercial invoices, certificates of origin; GSP certificates or export licenses are all in order prior to dispatch. Upon arrival at destination we arrange collection from the airline and deliver to your chosen point of receipt.

Olympia logistics gives you complete airfreight solutions for your General Cargo - Automobiles - Yachts - Food & Beverages as well as Live Animals to Worldwide Airports.