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    Operations Research Analyst
    For company engaged in international vehicle transport…

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    Notice of Job Opening for Operations Research Analyst
    For company engaged in international vehicle transport, will review and analyze operational and logistics activities to develop and implement improvements and streamlining of operations. Conduct studies and data analysis for business applications using operations research, statistical and computer methods and models to improve business and operational systems. Collaborate with management to identify and solve problems and clarify management objectives, and ensure successful implementation of problem solutions. Analyze data and information to conceptualize and define operational problems pertaining to business development for vehicle transport & inspection, including port of destination customs clearance& customs export documentation, warehousing services, and RORO (roll on roll off) shipping methods.  Gather, compile and validate data and information. Study and analyze information on strategic planning to establish best course of action Prepare reports for management.

    Minimum Requirements:
    Master’s degree or equivalent in International Development Studies + two years experience in job duties or two years in logistics for vehicle transport & inspection, includingport of destination customs clearance & customs export documentation, warehousing services, and RORO (roll on roll off) shipping.

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    Mr. Hakan Sayin
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