International Moving

We understand the challenges faced by families when relocation overseas. We are committed to the mission of helping you relocate overseas with a maximum of comfort so that you can use the precious time you have at home to spend with friends and family.

Using our Team of professional nationwide movers, we will secure your personal goods inside your own container. We handle your :


You can let us pack your goods, or just pack them by yourself...

Be confident in the service quality you receive. There are many details to consider but you don't have to worry about them.
You'll avoid the potential pitfalls, delays, and expense of inexperience. Instead, you'll move with ease and confidence. With Olympia Logistics all your goods, personal effects and vehicle(s) will arrive safely and securely.

See below how we will turn your overseas relocation to a simple moving in 7 steps :

  • We spot your truck on your location
  • You (or our movers) pack it
  • We pack your container and secure your goods -> We move your container back to the port
  • Worldwide ocean freight
  • Arrival at destination port
  • Custom Clearance
  • We spot your container on your final location